About Serra

SerraSerra Wells's fascination with birth began in 1999. She quickly devoured any information about midwifery and natural birth she could get her hands on. She completed her doula training in 2000, and soon after began volunteering as a doula with Paradise Midwifery Services. From there she became a childbirth educator, training in the "Birthing from Within" philosophy and with local childbirth educators and midwives. To supplement her new passion for assisting women and families through birth, she created "Sacred Beginnings". She received additional training and certification in pre/postnatal yoga and massage. In 2005, Serra began apprenticing with local homebirth midwife, Dena Moes (www.chicomidwife.com). She continues to pursue education toward becoming a licensed midwife herself.

During the past 14 years, Serra has supported hundreds of families through pregnancy, birth and early parenting. She is continuously in awe of the potential for joy and transformation for women, their partners and families during this time. She continues to study, evolve, and improve her skills and is grateful for the opportunity to share! In October of 2010 Serra gave birth to her first baby peacefully at home. . . this experience deepened her commitment and passion to support positive, empowered birth experiences!

"Serra deeply honors the needs of our children. Her work to support pregnancy and birth is a welcomed answer to the mainstream societal values that disempower women and families during this time. My partner and I felt an immediate connection with Serra and were totally at ease with her, which enabled us to be open, honest, and really vulnerable as we moved into a space of becoming a family. She provides a roadmap for couples on their way to create a nurturing space for their babies to be born into. She innately understands the powerful nature of a woman in her full moon and brought a very solid, very genuine appreciation to my unique story of personal magic, pregnancy, and the birth of our wonderfully charming son."—Susie McAllister